Home for Videos Facebook introduces new Feature “Watch”

Facebook introduced Watch, a dedicated home for videos in the social network. Announced by Facebook on Wednesday that company has redesign the site’s current video Tab, compiled in a way that viewer can Watch the longer videos and revisit the site on frequent basis. 

As of now Facebook became Zambeel of viral videos  however with the introduction of “Watch”  ,users will experience new change as they can view the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows once they are on watch tab. 

Watch will categorize different Shows and videos  in a way that user will experience wide variety of broadcasting experience such as “Most Watch”, “Most Talked about” , “What’s making people laugh”  by usingits complex algorithm .

“More and more people are coming to Facebook with the intention of watching videos,” said Fidji Simo, who leads Facebook’s video efforts.

With Two billion users monthly , Facebook is expanding its video advertisement monetization program, which shares revenue from commercials that appear during videos. Initially Facebook will have limited content creators who can take advantage of the program during testing phase. 

More to come as Facebook plan to broadcast live league matches as well.


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