Sufism Invoke in the Desert

Life in a desert is very open and fertile .It invokes the best hidden
secrets of a human being and always inspires you to have different
opinion which lies always around you. Few days ago I used to start my
walking with my friends in the desert .As I am working in northern
border of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a critical infrastructure
project. Every day when I came back from my office I used to go
outside. Honestly I am trying to explore the beauty which lies around
me as I am here now for more than Six months but always spoil my time
with useless web surfing on the internet and nothing more .I used to
think about the small tiny sand particles and the ocean lies inside
them. When you walk in the desert your mind accepts the beauty and
wildness of the desert .How deep and vast mysterious world it contain.
Start of August, light green Abal has covered the landscape of the
desert. Which elaborate that transformation of Summer to winter is
going to happen very soon .I had discussion with my friend about the
life in the desert and what inspire him about this silence  .While
coming back my friend unleashed an astonishing fact that why he like
desert life comparing to life in the big city. I will share  one fact
about him that he used to work in Holy Haram Makkah which is most
prestigious place for a Muslim in the world and also different big
cities in the Kingdom however he don’t like live in  the big cities .
My question is obvious what is the logic behind your analysis .As my
personal opinion but I didn’t share with him at that time as Muslim
you are a luckiest man to live and work in the Holiest City of world
.However, he revealed the truth by saying that in desert there is no
women or lady I asked him so what. He replied by saying
“Alhamdulillah” it’s good for us that we are not looking on “Na
Mahram” women( In Islam and being a Muslim we should not look on the
females except your mother , sister and wife). By having this luxury
we can protect ourselves by not engaging our mind in different
negative thoughts. Apart from negative thoughts we will not credit our
account with sins. He left me by saying that living in a desert is an
awesome experience for our spiritual up gradation.

Thanks dear for sharing your thoughts and opening a new window inside
my heart as well.


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