System Engineering Fundamentals: System Engineering Work products

System Engineering Work products

A SE work product is the output from the systems engineering activities. This may be files, documents, services, processes which are used during the SE activities regardless of whether delivered or not, whether or not part of system.

Types of Plans in System Engineering

SE will have two major plans

System Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)

The main objective of SEMP is to describes the system engineering process, life cycle, activities, input, process, output, means and methods in organization setup.SEMP will provide and  define the following major context of the project.

  • Project life Cycle
  • Global Picture of the Project
  • System Overview
  • Major Milestone
  • System life Cycle
  • Road map to sub system deployment
  • Main Constraints
  • Development life Cycle
  • System key performance
  • System specification
  • Detail technical strategy for final solution
  • Tailoring of System engineering activities

SEMP is key planning document which defined the overall selected tailored process to adopt for engineering activities of the project. The SEMP answer the PMP requirement as far as system development is concerned.

Integration, Validation, Verification and Qualification Plan (IVVQ)

Is to define the activities and means required to perform Integration, Validation, Verification and Qualification of the system. Main objective to manage and acquire the technical human resources to be provided on the project.

This blog is the extraction from my ongoing System Engineering course at Thales University .


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