System Engineering Fundamentals: Project Life Cycle

In today’s blog, we will have an overview of  Project life cycle.

Baseline of the Project Life cycle is the signed contract of the project .That contract will define the complete Life cycle of the project such as project design, project deliverable, key milestones and schedule for the complete project.

Any project has two major phases Bidding Phase and Project realization

Bid Phase:

Win the competition by transforming the customer requirement into a credible technical solution that will satisfy the need.

Extract all major deliverables from the requirement analysis .Remove ambiguity in deliverables.

Present the initial blueprint for the solution that will align with the baseline design.

Initial blueprint builds the customer confidence and will ensure that the provided solution will meet the customer requirement within the allocated budget and time frame.

Project Realization Phase:

From Credible solution towards successful implementation of the solution is first giant step in project realization.

Define the project schedule which will be based on contract of the project.

Define the work packages for Engineering, Construction & deployment, Integration & Validation, Quality assurance, Customer Support, Operation and maintenance.

Mange all the resources, plans, progress, work packages

Demonstration of the skills along with system life cycle and development life cycle until the final acceptance of the customer.

This blog is the extraction from my ongoing System Engineering course at Thales University .



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