Leap of Change …..

Over the past few days, I am thinking to bring about change in my routine life. I started surfing on different subjects and options. My instant inspiration is the young talent of Pakistan who are creating a huge wave in the ocean of freelancing. I am standing on the bank of the freelancing ocean in a double minded situation.Then all of a sudden nature started to play his role to help me. I met with good freelancing experts   like Hisham Sarwar and Ilyas Tarar on social media .They are really distinctive, supportive and tremendous.

My  initial intent to start my blogging page where I can empower new fellows , share my knowledge and professional experience  as well.

I believe success can only achieve if you are a team player , consistent and committed towards your goals. Hoping this change will change my world and will open new horizons for me.




One thought on “Leap of Change …..

  1. Wow!
    I’m impressed. Just to correct you, I’m not a freelancing expert, not even expert in anything. I’m a beginner in blogging and learning. This is great. You know basics now. Awesome!


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