Home for Videos Facebook introduces new Feature “Watch”

Facebook introduced Watch, a dedicated home for videos in the social network. Announced by Facebook on Wednesday that company has redesign the site’s current video Tab, compiled in a way that viewer can Watch the longer videos and revisit the site on frequent basis.  As of now Facebook became Zambeel of viral videos  however with the introduction of […]

Sufism Invoke in the Desert

Life in a desert is very open and fertile .It invokes the best hidden secrets of a human being and always inspires you to have different opinion which lies always around you. Few days ago I used to start my walking with my friends in the desert .As I am working in northern border of […]

System Engineering Fundamentals For Beginners

We can’t describe the systems engineering fundamentals without being sure that we have same vocabulary particularly for the words System, Systems Engineering and  Architecting. System A system is not just hardware and software. A system satisfies a “Need” and ensures the success of the mission .As per System definition in ISO/IEC 15288:2008 “A combination of […]